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Aero engineering: dedicated to the research and development of technological projects in environmental health

OXIGENIApresents the latest state-of-the-art in the market in the elimination of air toxins from chemical and biological origin using sterilizing agents naturally present in our atmosphere and which OXIGENIA recreates in a controlled environment for its use in closed indoor spaces.

OXIGENIA is completely harmless and does not generate any waste or side product.

Our patented process of generation of Catalytic Oxidizer Cold Plasma filters and removes either bio-toxins present in the air and toxic volatile elements. Our method allows us to ensure maximum energy efficiency, low power consumption, high performance and is able to adapt itself to any space and need.


Currently we have two main lines of application of our system.

1 OXIGENIA AERO: the efficiency of our technology has led us to be pioneers in such demanding sectors such as aeronautics. Now we are in the phase of development and testing the adaptation of our process in aircrafts of civil sector to ensure an excellent in-flight air quality and minimize the impact of airborne diseases as well as air quality-related symptomatologies either physically and psychologically.

With the support of the Ministry of Economy and competitiveness of Spain and leading the OXIGENIA AERO program in the context of the INNPACTO call and in cooperation with three private companies, two technology centres and two universities, we are currently in the final phase of the first prototypes that will be shown in civilian executive category (private 15-seater aircraft) aircrafts.


OXIGENIA AERO not only presents a breakthrough in the performance of air quality within aircraft cockpits but also introduces a new control digitized real-time system of air quality which manages the entire cleaning and filtering system which adapts itself to any condition that may arise during the flight and warning through preventive control system of any anomaly that may exist.

2 OXIGENIA HABITAT: This line presents the adaptation of the process to various industrial and commercial applications making possible its integration in air duct and air conditioning systems.

Its versatility and low power consumption have allowed us to develop applications for any type of sector and needs being of a highly effective utility in hotels, offices, hospitals, homes, transport etc...
These systems can be prepared in systems already installed or can be integrated into conditioning devices since its origin.



In the technical area which includes the major manufacturers of air conditioning equipment, there is an intense debate about the procedure or formula to decide how to establish whether air quality is satisfactory or unacceptable. There are different mathematical models ranging from the use of the concentration of a given gas as an indicator to several indicators that include the perception of the air quality breathed by humans.

To keep air quality indoors is essential the appropriate reading of environmental variables as well as their proper interpretation. This information makes viable the communication between systems of treatment of air and the integral management of the air in an efficient manner that would prevent the waste of resources unnecessarily and ensuring the right conditions at each location and for each situation that may occur.

Aero engineering designs and develops systems for monitoring the air on the basis of the specific requirements of our customers as well as stakeholders involved in each project using state-of-the-art available, nanotechnology, reading in real time and self-management of conditioning and sterilization systems.

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