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Propulsion systems

The FREENOX research program is the development and investigation of a family of turbofans with an optimal weight thrust which allows an improvement in the effectiveness of aeronautical engines. FREENOX engine has been developed to achieve greater efficiency in air engines, improve combustion, reduce fuel consumption and decrease noise and environmental pollution. The union of a set of new technology patented in the course of the program allows optimizing each of the processes carried out during the thermodynamic cycle Brayton opened inside the motor.

The total set of new technologies, notably 6 which are the main cause of its higher efficiency:

System of endothermic reaction (ERSystem ®) including ESM ® Engine System Manager. (Engine control system).

Inner combustion tubes NG (new generation).

Compressor low pressure LPC "Booster" (Centraxcompressor ®)

System to boost the Fan (FAPS® = Fan Propulsion System )

Central compression system (CCU ® = Central Compression Unit).

Nozzle propulsion (AdIEN Turbine® = Advanced Internal Exhaust Nozzle

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