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Propulsion systems

A brief explanation of some of these innovations will enable us to better illustrate how FREENOX gets so drastic reductions:


The ERSystem ® is capable of improving fuel consumption at a high rate during the different stages. Air ERSystem ® separates the oxygen from nitrogen, mixing the first fuel to improve the capacity of combustion..

This system is controlled by the computer ESM ® (Engine System Manager). The ESM is responsible for managing and carrying out the functions necessary to produce the required optimal mix of fuel, oxygen and air compressed depending on the flight mode and taking into account the external variables such as pressure, temperature, altitude, speed etc.

The power required and therefore the fuel consumption is different for each of the 4 modes of flight: Taxing (taxing on runway), take-off, cruise and landing.

In this way the fuel consumption, the noise and toxic gases emissions are completely controlled optimizing them in each phases of flight.

In runaway, zero pollution is reached and aircraft is powered solely by electric motors until get the runway where fuel consumption will be activated to accelerate and take off the aircraft.

This system along with the new design of the combustion chamber, fuel injection and cooling systems produced a drastic reduction of NOx emitted.

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